what are the benefits of master fail over when each master was a filer too.

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Junaid Farooq

Jul 10, 2018, 2:34:09 AM7/10/18
to Seaweed File System
I want to use master as a filer and I started 3 masters such as

weed76 server -master.port=9333 -filer=true -dir=./1 -volume.port=8080 -master.peers=localhost:9333,localhost:9334,localhost:9335

weed76 server -master.port=9334 -filer=true -filer.port=8889 -dir=./2 -volume.port=8081 -master.peers=localhost:9333,localhost:9334,localhost:9335

weed76 server
-master.port=9335 -filer=true -filer.port=8890 -dir=./3 -volume.port=8082 -master.peers=localhost:9333,localhost:9334,localhost:9335

Now, I started recording jpegs on `localhost:8888`, which works fine, it distributes the data on all 3 masters. then I stopped the first master.

Here is the question:

The first master has been stopped. It selected the other one as a leader, but when I go to filer port 8888, its dead, obviously, but I cannot see any data on -filer.port=8889 as well.

Then what is the benefit of that? Its Okay, we kill all other masters and remaining one will be the leader. but what about data? Doesn't It should server me the data which was first created by the leader? then on the 2nd leader and then on 3rd?

If one master is dead, is this mean, all the data which was on it. I also dead?

Is there any possibility, that we may set up a master failover strategy with each master as a filer. and being on different servers filer port could be the same 8888. If any master will die, the remaining leader will server on 8888 for filer and also show the data? which was being recorded on the previous leader's filer?

If I am understanding wrong, then what is the benefit of master failover? Is that the responsibility of a running application to check and see if a master has been failed and then choose the selected leader and filer to send data ? 

Stanley Lu

Jul 10, 2018, 2:48:05 AM7/10/18
to Seaweed File System
filer and master are separated. The "weed server -filer" is provided for convenience.

The 3 filers you have should share the same filer data storage, how did you configure that?


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Junaid Farooq

Jul 10, 2018, 2:57:11 AM7/10/18
to Seaweed File System
Okay, If all the filers are using same data storage for saving leveldb files. but what will happen to the volume's files? which were on the first leader, and then 2nd leader? Will all they be available to other leaders too for serving files??

Junaid Farooq

Jul 10, 2018, 3:17:23 AM7/10/18
to Seaweed File System
In short, when the first leader will fail. all the data on it will be unavailable? 

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