MIT Mystery Hunt - Seeking Remote Solving Group

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Oct 26, 2010, 11:10:53 PM10/26/10
to Seattle Puzzle Talk,
Hey, all!

As there doesn't seem to be much precedent, I'm not sure if this is an
appropriate forum for a request like this. Chide if appropriate.

My girlfriend and I are newcomers to Seattle, and it's looking like we
won't be able to make it to MIT in person next January for the Mystery
Hunt. I plan to solve remotely, but given that I'm now in an area with
a considerable puzzle people population, I'd love to at least keep the
"in a room with other puzzlers" aspect of it. Are there any teams out
there with a Seattle-based remote group willing to take on a stranger
or two? (If it makes any difference, we've got eight years' Hunting
experience between us, including one win by me and two by her.)


Mike Sylvia
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