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Sal Pamukcu

Mar 2, 2022, 7:19:51 AM3/2/22
to SeaHUG
I am new in Haskell, learning from books and an online class.

I tried to change my ghci prompt using .conf file and added this line 
:set prompt "λ >>"

I am on Windows 11 and using stack so far .
When i start stack ghci ; the format of the lambda character is changed weirdly to this
╬╗ >>

but if i change the prompt directly using ghci command line it displays OK.

Somehow i believe the formatting is lost between file ghci reading it.
the format of the file utf-8 on windows i tried everything changing it to different format
But no success ; it is not a big problem but does anyone know to correctly display it.

I loved the language in the mean time . C++ and Haskell :)
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