Seattle Go Center Looking for Operations Manager

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Bill Chiles

Aug 5, 2021, 1:42:08 PMAug 5
The Seattle Go Center is looking for a part time Operations Manager, who can work up to 50 hours a month.  Our current operations manager is amazing and sets a high bar, but he desires to retire and concentrate on photography.  This position includes paying bills, doing payroll, filling out tax forms, doing maintenance, supervising maintenance contracts, meeting and coordinating with the Board, etc.  The Operations Manager should be familiar with and passionate about the game of Go, but they do not have to be a strong player.

If you are interested in the position, we will send you a full description of the role, pay, job requirements, and optional candidate attributes.  The Operations Manager will have use of a desk and computer in the Go Center office, and while some work can be done remotely, the Operations Manager is expected to be our "boots on the ground" onsite multiple days a week to check the property and take care of business. The hours are pretty flexible.  If there is another COVID shutdown, you would have nearly sole access to SGC.  
The role is going to shift quite a bit in 2022 and a couple of years later.  You will be key in working with the Building Development Committee to find a temporary location for SGC during construction of our new building, and you will organize the move, including storage for SGC assets that don't move.  You will own moving back into our new space at the current location when the building is ready.  When we are no longer property owners with tenants, there are many things you would no longer need to manage (full property security, building and tenant insurance, elevator inspections, property taxes, etc.).

We will take applications at least until 10 SEP to give folks a chance to consider the role, and the personnel committee will begin interviewing as soon as we can schedule applicants on zoom (for convenience).  The personnel committee would like to choose someone to recommend at the next board meeting, 20 SEP.  

The current Operations Manager will be available to train the new manager through DEC 2021.  There will be other ramp up support beyond DEC and some learning as job needs arise (annual reporting, non-profit tax paperwork, expense reporting, finding official documents regarding the building, etc.).  There also is an operations manual for overview and some detailed how-to documents.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the role, please contact


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