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Re: Packy Will Be Able to Walk Again in 12 Days

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Rudy Canoza

Jan 10, 2022, 3:53:59 AM1/10/22
On 07 Jan 2022, Jimmy knows crooked Sammie Ervin IV
<> posted some

> Whew! I took care of my dad as his only care-giver for more than a
> year. Compared to her, taking care of him was a piece of cake. She is
> demanding, petulant, sometimes hateful, needy, hungry all the time,
> demands to be pampered, bossy, and is not very grateful. But I love
> her and owe it to her, so I rarely break out cussing...but when I
> do...
> I always tell myself "It could be worse."
> Yesterday she threw a heavy coat hanger at me and told me she would
> call DSS if I didn't "straighten up." So what did I do? I
> straightened up. For her royal majesty.
> She's always been a true friend and fiercely loyal to me. I could
> never turn my back on her, although a few times I've been tempted.
> There are many more people than myself who see the innate goodness in
> her and gravitate to her. Some of them are: Lois, Kathy, Jimmy, Paul,
> Scott, and Zany. Bella loves her beyond all bounds. Bella is her
> sweet little toy poodle.

Got any naked pictures?
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