Toyota Celica GT '79 --CHEAP!

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Ryan Russon

Jul 6, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/6/95

It's a great car --extremely reliable and low maintenance. Almost
everything is in great shape (some minor stuff like the dash board
clock isn't working). 168,000 (mostly highway) miles with many parts
new or rebuilt recently. 5-speed, 2-door, 4-seat, hatchback, sunroof,
4-cylinder, 4-speaker stereo, good interior, new tabs, 25+ MPG, AC,
etc., etc. The Catch: I really need to keep the car until I move
to Florida in late July. I'd probably take $100 or more off the
$1000 or so I want to get for the thing if someone would let me use
it until then.

NEW PARTS: rear tires
(in last year) clutch
stereo + rear speakers
alarm w/remote
misc. belts, plugs, wiring, etc.

REBUILT PARTS: engine @ 145K miles (current mileage: 168K)

NON-WORKING PARTS: (which I messed up while installing the stereo)
interior lights
dashboard clock
oil gauge
heat gauge? (might work --car never overheats.)
cracked manifold (this just means a little more noise
but doesn't affect anything really)

The car looks pretty good --a few chips on the paint and some minor
wear on the interior, but basically nice. The 4-cylinder has good
power and pick-up (0-60 in 12 seconds[?]) and the brakes are good
(75-55 in 1 second --that's even MORE important!). I've been taking
the car in for regular tune-ups and lubes. I've had it quit on me
only once in two years (for something so simple I could have
fixed it myself in about 5 minutes --duh). It's a great car, but I
reallydon't want to drive all the way to Florida (my new home).

88 "8b yan Russon
88 ,8P 2205 Second Ave. #508
88aaaaaa8P' Seattle, WA 98121-2003
88 `8b (206) 441-6972 (H)
88 `8b (206) 223-7388 (W)
88 `8b

88 "8b
88 ,8P yan Russon
88aaaaaa8P' 2205 Second Ave. #508
88""""88' Seattle, WA 98121-2003

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