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Columbia Study: White liberal Democrat fems mostly likely to engage in beastiality.

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Ebonics U.

Sep 6, 2014, 6:04:38 PM9/6/14
That was the conclusion of Professor "Doc" Tari, head nigger of
the Columbia University anthropology department.

"Doc" Tari based his research on frequent visits to local
college bars where he plied his white liberal democrat female
subjects with alcohol, then "safely escorted" them home, where
he screwed them senseless and gave them genital warts.

Columbia University was allegedly attended by Democrat
presidential fraud Barack Hussein Obama, who has yet to provide
a single shred of authentic evidence that he is a citizen of the
USA, attended any of the colleges he claimed, graduated from any
of those colleges and is still using the social security number
of a dead man.

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