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Lance Campbell

Feb 5, 2020, 3:34:11 PM2/5/20
Hi all,

Has there ever been a contest just for reviewers and curators? Basically something where a reviewing/curating challenge is presented and the best game presented, and review of that game, wins the contest.

Here are some example ideas:

Are You Sur-Real, Dude!?
Participants need to pick a confusing, artsy, surreal IF work that many players do not understand and write a insightful review that helps players understand it better. Judges would play the game, then read the review, then play the game again and rank the improvement of their understanding of the game.

One-Star Rescue
Participants must find an IF work that has a one-star average on IFDB and write a positive review about it. More specifically, looking for unjust one-star ratings. This is basically a rescue mission for works that got hit by a One-Star Bandit and his/her multiple fake accounts. Best game and review wins the prize.

Hidden Gems
Participants must find an IF work that has no reviews or ratings worthy of a four- or five-star review, then write that review and assign the rating. Best game and review wins the prize.

Undiscovered Star
Participants must find an IF work that has no IFDB entry, create an entry for the work, review it, and rank it. Best game and review wins the prize.

All of these ideas would have to have some sort of valid date range to keep new games from being created and entered also.

Anyway, just wanted to get input from the group. What do you all think about this idea?

Gene Michael Stover

Feb 12, 2020, 11:37:54 AM2/12/20
I like these ideas, especially the "One-Star Rescue" and "Hidden Gems".

Were you thinking of kicking off an annual event like the other competitions?  Oooorrrrrr... We could just informally do it as a group, maybe just to improve IMDB, not necessarily a competition.  Heck, it'd give me a framework for picking the next text adventure I play.

I'm interested.

P.S. (a.k.a. Too Much Information): One of my favorite movie-watching activities is to find something noteworthy (& not bad) in an otherwise lackluster movie.  (Not the same as "so bad it's good", by the way.)

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Gene Stover (

Lance Campbell

Feb 12, 2020, 8:35:32 PM2/12/20
To begin with, probably the second idea, since it is less complex. But, eventually, if it is a workable idea, a competition.

I suppose we could start with either a One-Star Rescue or a Hidden Gem if it will get the ball rolling. Anything the group can find and discuss can be posted on this thread for now.

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