Seattle/King County Climate News 2.14.22

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Robin Briggs

Feb 14, 2022, 8:07:05 PM2/14/22
to Seattle Climate News
Happy Valentine's Day! Lots of news to report as the Legislature hurtles to the deadline today for passing bills out of their house of origin. I've included a progress update on a number of bills, but keep in mind some bills have been dropped because they missed previous deadlines.


Three positions are open on the Urban Forestry Commission, applications are due by Feb. 24.

Seattle School levies, including $18M for clean energy (building and transportation electrification) passed.

City Council Transportation Committee will meet Tuesday Feb 15 at 9:30 to discuss new SoundTransit Link alignment and  deep tunnel. Many people are concerned about the depth of the tunnel, especially considering how often the Link escalators are out of service. The current plan for a deep bore tunnel would require 10 minutes for people to get from the street down to the station platform. In case of emergency, it would be difficult for anyone who is not physically fit, and might be impossible to carry people up that far. One other point of contention is the location of the Chinatown station: Seattle Subway is advocating for a more expensive location on 4th avenue with a shallower tunnel. They point out that the 4th Ave viaduct will have to be replaced soon anyway, and that they can save money and reduce disruption to the neighborhood by doing both projects at once.

Puget Sound Region

Puget Sound Clean Agency Community Listening Meetings in prep for new Strategic Plan.

Puget Sound Regional Council has an open comment period for the Regional Transportation Plan until Feb 28.


A draft version of the new Commercial Energy Code is open for public comment, now thru March 11. They are considering a proposal that would dramatically reduce emissions from new commercial buildings by restricting fossil fuel equipment and requiring clean, efficient heat pumps for space and water heating. Click here to sign petition by Feb 15.

A State Transportation Package has been introduced to the Legislature. It is Move Ahead Washington, a $16B 16-year plan with no bonding. It has significant new transit, bike, and pedestrian funding, due to an expected infusion of revenue from the Climate Commitment Act. It also has some very significant highway expansion projects. The package is separated into two bills, SB 5974 which relates to the spending, and SB 5975 which has the revenue portion. SB 5974 passed the Senate Transportation Committee. HB 2119, the companion bill for SB 5974 will have a hearing Feb. 17 before the House Committee on Transportation at 3:30pm.

HB 1099 Adding Climate to the Growth Management Act – Passed the House and is scheduled for a vote in the Senate Committee on Housing & Local Government Feb 17 at 8am.

SB 5042 Closing the GMA Loophole – Passed the Senate and is scheduled for a hearing in the House Committee on Environment & Energy Feb. 17 at 1:30pm.

HB 1782, Middle housing near transit. Scheduled for a vote in the House today.

HB 1770/SB 5669 Building codes. Passed the House, scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy & Technology Feb 17 at 10:30am. Sign in Pro.

HB 1767/SB 5666  Targeted Electrification. Scheduled for a floor vote today.

HB 1644, State may fund electric student transportation. Passed the House, scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education Feb 18 at 8am. Sign in Pro.

SB 5510 Extends time for renewal of Transportation Benefit District sales tax to 10 years. Passed the Senate, referred to House Finance Committee.

SB 5528 – Allow Regional Transit Authority (such as Sound Transit) sub-areas. Passed the Senate, referred to House Transportation.

SB 5707 – Extend authorization of Seattle to use automated camera enforcement for transit lanes, crosswalks, and intersections. Passed the Senate, referred to House Transportation.

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