Seasteading strategy survey & ClubStead engineering reports

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James Hogan

May 14, 2009, 5:29:01 PM5/14/09

Hello seasteaders!

We've got a couple of announcements for you, and we're excited enough about them that we didn't want to wait until our next monthly newsletter.  Enjoy.

Help Us Plan Our Strategy!

Here at TSI, we've been thinking a lot about how to improve our strategy. We recently published a strategy document and a vision timeline, but these are only the beginning, covering things at a very high level.

We also want results sooner. Our current timeline & strategy describe modest achievements -- a prototype seastead built, a successful ocean-based business operating -- by the end of 2010. We've been thinking in recent weeks that we can, and want to, do better. And we've heard from you, our community, that you'd love to see tangible results faster.

We've started a forum thread describing many of the options we're looking at for an accelerated strategy. Please take a look, and give us feedback via the survey linked in the thread!

Detailed Engineering Reports For ClubStead Are Available!

Our website's ClubStead page has been significantly expanded as the executive summary has been replaced by a series of 7 reports covering a variety of engineering topics. Download them in a single zip file, or as individual PDFs: Executive Summary, Architectural Design, Global Design, Hydrodynamic Analysis, Construction and Installation, MetOcean Analysis, and Structural Analysis.

The cost estimates have also been updated based on some feedback about additional costs that were missing, mainly installation, and total cost including platform, marine systems, hotel, and installation is now $114M, or $311/ft^2 of interior space. Also we've estimated annual maintenance costs at 3% ($9/ft^2/yr).

This is a major milestone in the history of the floating cities movement.  Before TSI came long, this was a field with many ideas, many pictures, and little engineering details. As a result, for most large seastead designs ideas, we have basically no idea at all about the most basic characteristics such as cost or hydrodynamic behavior (wave response).  Thanks to our generous initial funding, we were able to commission a design with far more detail than previous projects. And as a non-profit (pending) research institute, we are making all of the information we have public. Regardless of what else happens, we have substantially expanded the general body of knowledge of the seasteading community and raised the bar for future efforts.

For details, read our Executive Director's blog post or see our ClubStead page.  And please consider becoming a member of TSI to support our continuing efforts to generate useful research related to pioneering the oceans.

Thanks for reading.  We'll talk to you again in a few weeks!

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