[ANN] emacs-clojure-vagrant: a sane development virtual environment

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Justin Lilly

Jun 27, 2011, 12:50:57 AM6/27/11
to Seajure Mailing List, Clojure Mailing List
I've put together a simple development environment for those looking
for a stable place to work on clojure code. The idea was dual purpose:
a consistent environment for which to try out multiple code bases and
something that is familiar to me when working on a foreign operating

The included vagrant file will setup an Ubuntu 11.04 virtual machine
with clojure and clojure-contrib 1.2, emacs 24 (with emacs-starter-kit
2 and all relevant clojure modes), tmux (similar to GNU screen),
Leiningen and Jark.

Special thanks to Phil Hagelberg for his help getting things setup.

Please check out the github project hosted by the Seajure user group
at https://github.com/Seajure/emacs-clojure-vagrant . Your forks and
contributions are appreciated.


Joseph Jones

Jul 8, 2011, 11:37:34 AM7/8/11
to clo...@googlegroups.com, Seajure Mailing List
I'm having a problem on Max OS X 10.6.8 where vagrant hangs setting up the VM right after installing jark. It seems to just stop doing anything. I initially thought that that meant it was completed  but opening a new terminal window and doing vagrant ssh brought me to a VM that had nothing setup. No Jark running (in fact no Jark on the path), no swank, and emacs knew nothing about slime in any way.

I checked out the .emacs.d folder and there was nothing in it so obviously whatever step was supposed to put something there never ran.

Any ideas on what the issue could be?


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