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Apr 21, 2018, 10:30:48 PM4/21/18
to Soils, se-bi...@googlegroups.com, Nikolaus Foidl, Laird Knight, Blue Sky Biochar, v.vi...@bioforcetec.com, Tom Miles, Charles Hegberg, Jock Gill, jco...@crutchfield.com, Lloyd Helferty, Margot Knight, pthomas, novak...@ars.usda.gov, Bryce Meeker, Kristy Bliss

Dear folks,

Because I'm using my smartphone I have limited access to my gmail address list.

This is an internet solicitation for funds to go to Australia for the 2018 New Zealand and Australian biochar conference.

Please just send me an email and I can bill you on PayPal. I can even treat this as a loan to be repaid when I have the funds to pay you back.

I have my passport and I'm ready to go.

Thank you so much for your support.


Erich J Knight,

(Due to Tom's admonishments I am not sending this to the biochar list , so please send this on to anyone of means)
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May 9, 2018, 9:40:12 PM5/9/18
to SE Biochar Interest Group
Dear folks,

Unfortunately due to my own making, I will not be able to attend the New Zealand Australian biochar conference in August.

I have not given up yet, talking to my lawyer Etc, to challenge my probation officer on weather they will allow me to travel to Australia. If I cannot get them to change their minds I will have to return all the donations I have gathered and turn down the generous offers of room and board from my Australian colleagues.

I will keep you all posted as to my success or failure.

I have spoken to my probation officer about going to the Delaware usbi conference in August. That they will allow.

However the Delaware conference only approved my abstract for a poster presentation not a full oral presentation like the Australians, who were going to give me a full 30 minutes to present my paper.

So I will be going to Delaware with posters Galore. I do look forward to the Delaware conference because of the many folks I have been speaking with who plan to attend.

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