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Dear soil interested list,

3 years ago I posted this video about polyploidy trees, I never got in contact with the researcher mentioned in the video, nor have I heard if this technology has expanded or developed. Given the tremendous growth and the commensurate increase in the carbon sugar route excretions I am truly surprised that it hasn't.

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Subject: [New comment] 400% more efficient Poliploid Trees!

Biochar Farms & Gardens
John Gelwicks just posted a comment in Biochar Farms & Gardens
400% more efficient Poliploid Trees!
"Holy Poliploidy Batman!" Innovation in Ag systems usually comes a few percentage points at a time, increasing the yields a bit, shaving off cost of fertilizers etc. Exponential gains are...see more
John Gelwicks
I saw this video years ago, can figure out why this method...
John Gelwicks, CEO at Genesis Industries
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Benoit Lambert

Feb 17, 2018, 2:01:11 PM2/17/18
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In the video he talks of trees 8 times the size, and show a picture... But on the site, polyploid is mentioned in carbon capture and storage (CCS), but with much more modest pretensions .. a 50% increase, not 800%. Polyploid does not appear on the Home page of Pura Forestry at all.... only when you get to CCS. I will keep a healthy dose of skepticism with this one.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Biotechnology Advantages: PURA Forestry will plant elite polyploid trees varieties in our plantations that have been tested and proven to fix up to 50% more carbon then even the best hybrid species. 

Also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Soil4Climate/
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