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Padthai Restaurant in Escondido

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David Thuleen

Jan 31, 2010, 1:04:27 AM1/31/10
Padthai Restaurant
205 W. Mission Ave
Escondido, CA 92025

They seem to be under new management since I was last there about a
year ago. The menu is more extensive than I would have expected from
such a small place. When I ate there this evening (a Saturday) , the
place was almost full.

I ordered four items.

1) Golden Calamari. Maybe the most effective presentation of calamari
I have ever had. Deep fried and served on a bed of shredded carrots
with a Thai sweet chili sauce. I may stop in just for this iten alone
in the future.

2) Tom Yum soup with tofu. Huge portion, with loads of fresh tomato
and scallions. Oddly, the sliced mushrooms were canned. But it was
amazingly good.

3) Pad Thai noodles with beef. I requested pork but the waitress came
back to my table to report that they had no pork. The noodles were
wonderfully smoky and full of flavor.

4) Sunny Three Fellows: Stir-fried beef and chicken (the third
fellow, pork, was not available) with green beans and bell peppers.
Tasty, but not a revelation.

The service was friendly but not always effective. I had finished my
calamari before I ever got a napkin or even a plate! I take it that
the staff is stretched thin and new to the workings of the place.

$35 before tip. Since I was alone, there were lots of leftovers to
take home.

I'll be back there soon.

Dave Thuleen

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