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Taste of Lebanon

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Nov 29, 2009, 4:05:29 PM11/29/09
Miramar Rd at Carroll - there's a tiny "food court" in the NW quadrant.
The problems with this place are
...lack of mid-day parking atmosphere
...minimalist decor and ambiance


The owner/chef is a master who makes everything but the pastry right
there and right now. His sauces and styles are terrific, and after years
in the middle east we know the difference.

I especially recommend the meat+cheese+spinach "pie", his home-grown
lebne, the lamb kabob, and the falafel. You must ask for some garlic
sauce - it's not on the menu. If you have ever had falafel at Melech Ha
Falafel, in Haifa, his are a lot like that but his hummus and tahina are

It's hard to spend more than $10, and the food is the best of that class
in this part of the country (we've tried them all).


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