Least-Cost Corridors and Paths: 000732 error

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Jaein Choi

Jul 8, 2021, 12:06:02 AM7/8/21
to SDMtoolbox
Greeting from Korea.

First of all, thanks for making this wonderful toolbox, which has amazing power to analyze species' distribution. 

However, I'm struggling with an error when calculating LCP for few days.
I followed every instruction in the user guide and referred to Dr.Brown's example file.
Even, I succeed one time with other data just right before I failed with my real one.

But I'm completely stuck in 
step 5: Assign corresponding site cost distance rasters to each haplotype 
Failed script LeastCostHaps2...

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File"C:\SDMtoolbox_2_10_4to6\SDMtoolbox_2_10_4to6\SDM_Toolbox_v2.4_ArcMap10.5.tbx#LeastCostHaps2.py", line 229, in <module>
File "c:\program files (x86)\arcgis\desktop10.8\ArcToolbox\Toolboxes\Data Management Tools.tbx", line 15596, in CopyRaster

ExecuteError: Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.

ERROR 000732: Input Raster: Dataset 

E:/ICT_Ecological_work/SDMTool_test/Connectivity_5/TEMP_ilUlvi/site_369093a.img does not exist or is not supported

Failed to execute (CopyRaster).

Failed to execute (LeastCostHaps2).

What does that mean......Anyone can help with this problem? 

I'm desperately waiting for your help to get out of this situation...

Thanks for your valuable time reading this long message!
Have a nice day!:)

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