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Eddie Rowe

Jan 6, 2014, 10:11:19 AM1/6/14
to sdif-...@googlegroups.com
Got a set of results from a local high school meet to use as data for a project on which I'm working.  Noticed a few bogus finish times.  It appears that it was a typical pad malfunction or similar, and that the backup buttons *should* have been used, but appeared not to be.  It is my understanding from looking at the layouts that have been provided by others here that the first time listed is the official time.  Is that correct?  In other words, if the operator had done everything correctly and chosen the adjusted button average as the official time, would that be reflected in the hy3 file, or is that information not present?  Consider this line.

F2F   77.29Y       0  1  3  1   1  0  103.11  103.21    0.00        77.29     0.00                    12102013            0     26

That's for a girls' 200 Free Relay.  Obviously, they didn't go 1:17.29, but rather should get the backup average of 1:43.16.  Was this a mistake by the scoring operator or an omission by hytek?

Patrick Cassidy

Jan 6, 2014, 4:50:41 PM1/6/14
to sdif-...@googlegroups.com
More than likely a mistake by the operator.    I have seen this happening more often when interfacing with a Colorado 6.    The 6 has been putting in the last valid touch as the finish touch.   Therefore HyTek flags it Blue rather than Yellow and people have been missing it.  

Hope that helps. 


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