CL2 - what is the Z record at the end of file and how is it interpreted?

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Eddie Rowe

Dec 17, 2014, 10:38:05 AM12/17/14
I was interfacing with an online system that required upload of the hyTek zip file separately for girls and boys.  I'm not the MM, so all I have is the file, not the db to export them separately.  No matter, it was a small meet so cut/pasting the boys and girls into separate files is not a problem.  When I forgot to copy the last record from the CL2 file, I got an invalid file warning from the online system.  I wasn't sure what the numbers meant so as to edit them properly, so I just copied it wholesale and it worked.  Here's the line:

Z09Meet Res02Successful Build on 12/10/2014  1  1   4   4   267   148   44   176   376                                                                       N89

Some of this is straightforward, I'm assuming Z is the EOF record, 09 is results, "Meet Res" is a truncation of the file-type description - Meet Results.  Not sure what the 02, or anything past the date, really.  Who here knows what these numbers mean?



Dec 18, 2014, 5:02:52 PM12/18/14
Hi Eddie

In the Standard Data Interchange file the Z0 is the file terminator and is structured like this:

Z0 -- File Terminator Record
Purpose: Identify the logical end of file for a file transmission. Record statistics and swim statistics are listed for convenience.
This record is mandatory in each file. Each file ends with this record and each file has only one record of this type. The first four fields are mandatory. Additional fields provide for text and record counts.

length Mand Type Description
1/2 M1 CONST "Z0"
3/1 M2 CODE ORG Code 001, table checked
4/8 future use
12/2 M1 CODE FILE Code 003, table checked
14/30 ALPHA notes (additional file info)
44/3 INT number of B records
47/3 INT number of different meets
50/4 INT number of C records
54/4 INT number of different teams
58/6 INT number of D records
64/6 INT number of different swimmers
70/5 INT number of E records
75/6 INT number of F records
81/6 INT number of G records
87/5 INT batch number
92/3 INT number of new members
95/3 INT number of renew members
98/3 INT number of member changes
101/3 INT number of member deletes
104/57 future use

So following that for your file...

Z0 = Line Type
9 = Org code 9 is High School
Meet Res 
02 = CODE FILE is Meet Results
Successful Build on 12/10/2014
  1 = B records are the Meet info lines
  1 = one meet
   4 = Team lines
   4 = four teams
   267 = D records are individual event lines
   148 = number of swimmers
   44 = E records are for relays events
   176 = Number of relays
   376 = G records are for splits
And just the Hytek stuff at the end      N89

I hope this helps.

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