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Andrew O'Brien

May 27, 2024, 1:15:16 AMMay 27
to SDC Software Defined Connectors
Uri, you are a genius !  SDC performed perfectly in WPX CW.  I did not operate as a "big gun" but for my needs your software was wonderful . The SKM is superb .
73 de Andy K3UK 


May 27, 2024, 6:33:53 AMMay 27
to SDC Software Defined Connectors
Andy could not agree more.

I am not a serious contester but SDC has really has made it enjoyable to do.

Myself and a couple other locals decided to run the contest and text each other along the way about how we were doing.  All three of us  are new to SDC and all three of us set personal best for number of QSO's. I mowed my lawn, my moms lawn, went to church, did not stay up over night and still clicked off 941 QSOs and almost one million points.

On my normal 160 ragchew last night when complimented on my score, I just told them its all the software because it really is.

Also thanks to Yuri for the support he provided everyone while the contest was going on.


Andrew O'Brien

May 27, 2024, 9:44:15 AMMay 27
to Rich, SDC Software Defined Connectors
Rich , I am glad you and your friends had a good WPX.  I did not have that many contacts , like you I was doing lots of other things . I also had to power off for thunderstorms . 

 The SKM really added to my fun . I did not have a cluster connected , I used the SKM band map to display the call signs my antenna was receiving . As a search and pounce station,  I used the SKM to look at the SNR of possible mults , to gage the like hood of completing a QSO . 

I used the SKM’s decode window as an aid for the very fast operators . I was surprised how well it accurately decoded some very weak stations . During the contest I received several reports that my friend KN3A was active and spotted by skimmers . I checked his reported frequency and discovered it was CN3A. SDC’s SKM had CN3A correct , unlike several skimmers . 

I did not have the nerve to “run” .

Andy K3UK. 

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May 27, 2024, 10:25:54 AMMay 27
to SDC Software Defined Connectors
Yea I don't have the guts to  RUN either in a contest like that. Maybe in the MST or SST contest, but not in the WPX. 

I normally run an external cluster with filtered spots to 18 surrounding states using a SSID.  However the WPX was so overloaded that is was not possible and it really turned out that I was trying to filter it to the ones I had the best chance with. So was constantly moving the "Spinbox" DB up and down and work through the higher signal stations and then start bumping the DB down as they thinned out.

I also toggled the Mult filter on and off throughout to prioritize things. 

Every contest I work, I learn more but realize how little I know.

The biggest challenge for me  that I am trying to impress on my local friends is before trying to do things different, try operating the program as Yuri intended it. I am trying to get rid of bad habits.

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