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Apr 27, 2021, 1:57:00 PMApr 27
to UT4LW Yuri Pavlov, SDC Software Defined Connectors






My configuration: SDC (Audio +RigSync) + PowerSDR + N1MM+


During the last SP-DX-RTTY we have found out that SDC RTTY Modem

decoded RTTY signals far better than MMVARI and incomparably better than MMTTY.



in my configuration I cannot use it since there is no TCI option in the PowerSDR.

I also do not know how to link the modem with N1MM+ (if it is feasible, at all).


My question:

Could You, please, kindly consider to add an option to split the audio delivered

to the SKIMMER so that it may be used for the SDC DIGI MODEM,

or a way to designate also an AUDIO SOURCE beside TCI?



If so, another question may arise:

how to link the modem with N1MM+…


I would greatly appreciate Your kind insight…



Best regards,




UT4LW Yuri Pavlov

Jun 27, 2021, 2:28:39 AMJun 27
to SDC Software Defined Connectors
Alec, SDC Digi Server works only with TCI. Receiving signals is performed in a wide range of IQ stream, and the transmit stream is formed as IQ stream. This is only in the TCI protocol. Transferring SDC Digi Server on audio streams is not planned, as this will lead to decoding deterioration.
SDC Digi Server can be connected from any contest log. To do this, a special TCP client must be created in the contest log. SDC Digi Server Exchange Protocol is described in the instructions for the program. Now 5mContest and Loghx work with SDC Digi Server.
вторник, 27 апреля 2021 г. в 20:57:00 UTC+3, aleksand...@gmail.com:


Jun 27, 2021, 3:44:17 AMJun 27
to UT4LW Yuri Pavlov, SDC Software Defined Connectors



Thank You so much, Yuri.


For me and my Flex5000a, audio channel means using or not using SDC Modem.

However, I understand that with an audio channel instead of TCI as the source,

SDC Modem performance would be so much deteriorated that SDC would not

have outperformed MMTTY or MMVARI.


5M Contest is only partially usable for me as its CW Keying quality is absolutely dreadful.

I discussed the faulty keying with 5M Contest creator at the launch of the software years ago,

but apparently not much has been done with it so far.


Yuri, thanks for mentioning LOGHX. That is interesting indeed, as I have never heard about

the logger before. Yes, I must have a look at it. Definitely.


This way or the other, I will not be able to use the SDC Modem with my present rig configuration.

I need learn to live with that, though…


Thanks again for SDC – absolutely great software!!


Best regards,


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Rick Langford

Jun 28, 2021, 5:31:48 PMJun 28
to aleksand...@gmail.com, UT4LW Yuri Pavlov, SDC Software Defined Connectors
Actually 5m contest cw keying is fantastic with a EE sdr radio and it's TCI
Another big plus for TCI EE SDR rigs.


Jun 29, 2021, 6:22:05 AMJun 29
to Rick Langford, UT4LW Yuri Pavlov, SDC Software Defined Connectors



TCI keying, perhaps – I cannot check it.

However, seemingly few use that. One can still easily tell

who is keying using 5M Contest by their erratic CW.


Best regards,


Rick Langford

Jun 29, 2021, 9:19:49 AMJun 29
to aleksand...@gmail.com, UT4LW Yuri Pavlov, SDC Software Defined Connectors
Not experiencing that here
Perhaps my setup much different than yours.

Plenty of overhead with CPU. Erratic issues usually caused by bogged down borderline performance PC were timming issues occur. 

Cw is smooth no issue here
Even auto adjusting to skimmer speeds in SDC 


Jun 29, 2021, 9:25:20 AMJun 29
to Rick Langford, UT4LW Yuri Pavlov, SDC Software Defined Connectors



Definitely, much different – I do not use TCI,

and that actually makes our exchange valueless.


Anyway, thanks…

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