Scylla Rust Driver 0.3.0 released!

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Piotr Sarna

Nov 10, 2021, 11:20:48 AM11/10/21
to ScyllaDB users
The Scylla team is pleased to announce Scylla Rust Driver 0.3.0,
an asynchronous CQL driver for Rust, optimized for Scylla, but also
compatible with Apache Cassandra!

=== Notable changes ===

 * Connection management is heavily revamped:
   > a configurable pool of connections is kept per node or per shard
(Scylla only)
   > shard awareness is now also supported without a dedicated
shard-aware port (Scylla only)
   > several optimizations were applied to make this layer more robust
 * A CachingSession class is introduced - it allows creating a session
which automatically prepares its statements
   and maintains them in a local cache.
 * Colummn values can now be extracted from result rows by the column
name, not only by their index.
 * Handling user defined types is improved - when a new field is added
to the type, the driver is now still capable of reading the values.
 * A ValueList derive macro is now available - when it's applied to a
struct, an instance of this struct can be used as a list of values in
 * Client-side timestamps can now be defined for queries.
 * Tuples with null elements are now handled correctly.
 * Serial consistency level (for lightweight transactions) is now split
into a separate type in order to make it clear that it should not be
mixed with regular consistency level.
 * Shorter topology names, e.g. "SimpleStrategy" are now recognized and
 * Internal queries now use paging internally in order to avoid
overloading the cluster and the driver with large requests.
 * Serialization path got optimized.
 + lots of other fixes and improvements

Congrats to all contributors and thanks everyone for using our driver!


The source code of the driver can be found here:
Contributions are most welcome!

The official registry entry is here:

Thank you for your attention, please do not hesitate to contact us if
you have any questions, issues, feature requests, or are simply
interested in our driver!

Contributors since last release:
    25  Piotr Sarna
    22  Piotr Dulikowski
    13  Michał Sala
     6  Jan Ciolek
     5  Quentin Perez
     7  Jasper Visser
     2  Pekka Enberg
     1  David Garcia
     1  Haris Raharjo P
     1  Mr e-RL
     1  Tzach Livyatan

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