[RELEASE] ScyllaDB 5.1 RC4

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Tzach Livyatan

Nov 10, 2022, 2:46:56 AM11/10/22
to ScyllaDB users, scylladb-dev

The Scylla team is pleased to announce ScyllaDB Open Source 5.1 RC4, a Release Candidate for the Scylla Open Source 5.1 minor release. 

We encourage you to run ScyllaDB 5.1 release candidates on your test environments; this will help ensure that an upgrade to ScyllaDB 5.1 General Availability will proceed smoothly with your workload. Use the release candidate with caution; RC4 is not production-ready yet. You can help stabilize Scylla Open Source 5.1 by reporting bugs here

Only the last two minor releases of the ScyllaDB Open Source project are supported. Once Scylla Open Source 5.1 is officially released, ScyllaDB Open Source 5.1 and 5.0 will be supported, and ScyllaDB 4.6 will be retired.

For a complete description of ScyllaDB 5.1 see ScyllaDB 5.1

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* Get ScyllaDB Open Source 5.1 (under “More Versions” for each distro) 

* Upgrade from ScyllaDB 5.0 to 5.1

* Report a problem

Updates and bug fixes since 5.1 RC3

  • Alternator: UpdateItem setting the same value again for GSI range key may drop the row #11801

  • Alternator: DescribeTable calls should include ProvisionedThroughput. Note that after the fix the returned ProvisionedThroughput is always zero, as Alternator does not support provisioned throughput  #11222

  • Stability: Memtable flush aborts the node if it fails due to out-of storage space #11245

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