[RELEASE] Scylla 4.5 RC2

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Tzach Livyatan

Jun 6, 2021, 6:56:37 AM6/6/21
to ScyllaDB users, scylladb-dev

The Scylla team is pleased to announce Scylla Open Source 4.5 RC2, the second Release Candidate for the Scylla Open Source 4.5 minor release. Moving forward, only critical bugs will be fixed in branch-4.5. We will continue to fix bugs and add features to the master branch.

Use the release candidate with caution; RC2 is not production-ready yet. You can help stabilize Scylla Open Source 4.5 by reporting bugs here.

Please note that only the last two minor releases of Scylla Open Source project are supported. Once Scylla Open Source 4.5 is officially released, only Scylla Open Source 4.5 and Scylla 4.4 will be supported, and Scylla 4.3 will be retired.

For a complete description of Scylla 4.5 new features and bug fixes, see Scylla 4.5 RC1

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* Scylla 4.5 RC1 

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* Report a problem

Updates and bug fix since 4.5 RC1

  • Scylla AMI: Ubuntu AMI: Scylla server isn't up after reboot #8482

  • Install: install.sh set aio conf during installation #8650

  • Install: scylla_io_setup failed with error: seastar - Could not setup Async I/O on aws instances (r5, r5b) and gp3 ebs volumes #8587

  • Alternator: Alternator's health-check request doesn't work properly with HTTPS #8691

  • Install: scylla_raid_setup may fails when mounting a volume with: “can't find UUID” error #8279 

  • install: Unified Installer: Incorrect file security context cause scylla_setup to fail #8589

  • install: nonroot installation broken #8663

  • Stability: Exceptions in resharding and reshaping are being incorrectly swallowed #8657

  • Stability: TWCS: in some cases, SSTables are not compacted together when time window finishes #8569

  • Stability: materialized views: nodes may pull old schemas from other nodes #8554 

  • Commitlog: handle commitlog recycle errors #8376

  • Commitlog: Commitlog can get stuck after reaching disk size limit, causing writes to time out #8363

  • Stability: a disks with tiny request rate may cause Scylla to get stuck while upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4 #8378

  • Stability : Optimized TWCS single-partition reader opens sstables unnecessarily #8411 #8435 

  • Stability: `time_series_sstable_set::create_single_key_sstable_reader` may return an empty reader even if the queried partition exists (in some other sstable) #8447

  • Stability: `clustering_order_reader_merger` may immediately return end-of-stream if some (but not necessarily all) underlying readers are empty #8445

  • CQL: Mismatched types for base and view columns id: timeuuid and timeuuid, generating ”Unable to complete the operation against any hosts” error  #8666

  • Trace: Tracing can remain not shut down if start is aborted #8382

  • Tools: sstableloader doesn't work with Alternator tables if "-nx" option is used #8230

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