[RELEASE] Scylla 3.3 Release Candidate 2 (RC2)

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Tzach Livyatan

Mar 1, 2020, 10:52:59 AM3/1/20
to scylladb-dev, ScyllaDB users

The Scylla team is pleased to announce the release of Scylla Open Source 3.3 RC2, the second Release Candidate for Scylla Open Source 3.3. Moving forward, only critical bugs will be fixed in branch-3.3. We will continue to fix bugs and add features to the master branch.

Scylla 3.3 is focused on bug fixes and stability, and includes new or modified experimental features, including Lightweight Transactions (LWT), Change Data Capture (CDC), our Amazon DynamoDB Compatible API (Alternator) and Lua language based User Defined Functions (UDFs). More on these features in Scylla 3.3 here.

Find the Scylla Open Source 3.3 repository for your Linux distribution here (under More Versions). Scylla 3.3 RC2 Docker is available.

Use the release candidate with caution; RC2 is not production-ready yet. You can help us stabilize Scylla Open Source 3.3 by reporting bugs here.

Please note that only the last two minor releases of Scylla Open Source project are supported. Once Scylla Open Source 3.3 is officially released, only Scylla Open Source 3.3 and Scylla 3.2 will be supported, and Scylla 3.1 will be retired. 

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* Get Scylla Open Source 3.3 (under “More Versions” for each distro) 

* Upgrade from Scylla 3.2 to Scylla 3.3

* Report a problem

Significant Bug fix from Scylla 3.3rc1:

* Correctness: Hinted handoff (HH) sends counter hints as counter updates when a node targeted by the hint does not exist. This may cause wrong counter value when HH is enabled, Counters are used, and nodes are down. #5833 #4505

* Correctness: Materialized view updates with future partition tombstones are not correctly generated. When the base table does not have any rows, but it does have a partition tombstone with a given timestamp, inserting a base row with a smaller timestamp will generate an incorrect materialized view update #5793

* Stability: Possible heap-buffer-overflow when stopping the gossip service #5701

* Stability: Commitlog uses incorrect IO class while zeroing segments. This may cause commitlog writes waiting on a segment to be delayed for a long time. #5858

* Stability:  Possible error when a node Drain during shutdown #5385

* Stability:  Possible crash when Scylla is stopped early during the boot procedure #5765

* Security: fix potential issue in reading YAML from Python #5630

* Stability (LWT) Scylla will crash with `Assertion me->_flush_pos > fp failed.` during mixed lwt and non lwt workload #5670

* Stability (LWT): Fix the handling of nulls in parameter markers for LWT queries #5710

* STability (Tracing): a race condition in the tracing logic may cause Scylla to exit #5700

* Stability (UDF): UDF fails to map CQL NULL to Lua nil #5667

* Performance (Streaming): Do not invalidate the cache if no sstable is added in flush_streaming_mutations #5769

* Upgrade: Fail rollback to 3.2 (from Scylla 3.3) on Debian #5734

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