Error: Can't import Pinax.

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Calvin Bahal

Dec 18, 2013, 4:27:34 AM12/18/13
hi all,

i had a serious problem to installing ScrumDo. When i type "# python syncdb" then i will get an error message like : 
Error: Can't import Pinax. Make sure you are in a virtual environment that has Pinax installed or create one with

I have try to install the pinax manually with this code :  Pinax-0.7.3-bundle # python2.6 scripts/ ../pinax-env but it will show some error like this.
New python executable in ../pinax-env/bin/python2.6
Not overwriting existing python script ../pinax-env/bin/python (you must use ../pinax-env/bin/python2.6)
Installing setuptools.............done.
Installing setuptools-dummy 0.0.3
Installing setuptools-git 0.3.4
Installing Django 1.0.4
Going to install a full Pinax 0.7.3 release.
  Installing Pinax

  pip install [options] <requirement specifier> ...
  pip install [options] -r <requirements file> ...
  pip install [options] [-e] <vcs project url> ...
  pip install [options] [-e] <local project path> ...
  pip install [options] <archive url/path> ...

no such option: --environment
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "scripts/", line 1752, in <module>
  File "scripts/", line 530, in main
    after_install(options, home_dir)
  File "scripts/", line 1354, in after_install
    ], show_stdout=True)
  File "scripts/", line 589, in call_subprocess
    % (cmd_desc, proc.returncode))
OSError: Command /var/www/html/ScrumDo/pinax-env/bin/pip install --no-deps --no-index --ignore-installed --environment ../pinax-env --requirement /var/www/html/ScrumDo/Pinax-0....e.txt --find-links file:///var/www/html/ScrumDo/P...0.7.3 failed with error code 2

Is there anyone that can help me to solve this problem?




Paul Marriott

Oct 3, 2015, 7:10:56 AM10/3/15
to ScrumDo-Dev
Take a look a the attached...I got it working 
HOWTO get scrumdo installed and running in 30 simple steps.pdf
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