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Mar 29, 2011, 3:27:41 PM3/29/11
to ScrumDo-Dev
So I setup a ScrumDo environment running under RHEL6 following your
instructions here:
The instructions were good, there were a few parts that were a bit
outdated I think but nothing that was a game changer for me.
Everything brought online and working well.

I added a org, project, stories, iterations, life was good. Then I
went to view my iterations and the stories that I had added to it and
ran into problems, I also had the same problem trying to view the
stories in my backlog. They just would not load. The ajaxyness was

I delved deeper.

I saw this in the logs and assumed that it was the ajax call back to
populate the stories on the page.

[29/Mar/2011 21:23:27] "GET /projects/project/testprog1/stories/1?
display_type=block&tags=&search= HTTP/1.1" 500 249228

When I went to this url directly, I got a huge error saying that it
could not find the template stories/single_extra_icons.html.


Doing some searching, I found a stories/ directory and lo and behold,
no single_extra_icons.html file was to be found; however, I did find a
single_extra.html file.

Upon symlinking single_extra.html > single_extra_icons.html all of my
problems were solved. Back to Scrumming.

My question, why did I have to do this? Am I the only one who sees
this error? I just checked out the head of the repo, should I have
checked out a tagged release and therefore brought this on myself?

Thanks, I am really liking this project so far, keep up the great work!

Marc Hughes

Mar 29, 2011, 8:13:30 PM3/29/11
Hi Jason,

Looks like I missed adding a file to the git repository. I had it on
my local machine, so I didn't noticed. I just fixed that.

That was a relatively new change, so I'm guessing either nobody has
pulled down that branch worth of changes, or people did, and gave up
without complaining.

In general, if you're only interested in running the software you
might want to check out the production branch:
git checkout production
That way you'll only ever get code that we've considered stable enough
to run on

Also, updating the instructions are on my list of things to do. We
need a new section describing how to set up a hookbox server so that
planning poker works.

Thanks for letting us know,

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