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Simone Deponti

Sep 22, 2011, 10:20:54 AM9/22/11
to ScrumDo-Dev
Hello all,

I was trying to set up ScrumDo using zc.buildout, and in order to do
so I needed it to be a python egg and not just a folder.

Therefore, I created a (sadly) not-so-simple script that does
the job.

It tries to parse the requirements contained in:
* Pinax-0.7.3-bundle/requirements/libs.txt
* Pinax-0.7.3-bundle/requirements/external_apps.txt
* requirements.txt

And adds a few overrides and additions. In particular:
* Overrides the Pinax-set Django version to 1.1.4
* Overrides the pil egg with Pillow (same exact source, but better
packaging: PIL 1.1.7 is a mess in that regard)
* Overrides django-timezones to use the 0.2.dev1 version (a bug in the
Pinax-set version, probably due to Django being updated, prevented the
system from creating any user: the problem was TimezoneField calling
CharField.get_db_prep_save, which on Django 1.1 invokes self.to_python
again, generating a huge mess)

All in all, it works flawlessly ;). The pull request is at do not hesitate
to contact me if further refinements are needed.
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