Issue in scribd document viewer for mobile and tablets

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Jitendra Bansal

Mar 4, 2015, 3:06:33 AM3/4/15

I am using a Scribd PHP API library for scribd integration at my site. While uploading a document using below function:

public function upload($file, $doc_type = null, $access = null, $rev_id = null, $download = "view-only", $secure = 1){
$method = "docs.upload";
$params['doc_type'] = $doc_type;
$params['access'] = $access;
$params['rev_id'] = $rev_id;
$params['secure'] = $secure;
$params['download_and_drm'] = $download;
$params['file'] = "@".$file;
$result = $this->postRequest($method, $params);
return $result;

A document is uploaded using the  'private' $access type. When users are opening such documents in mobile devices and click on "Tap to View" than blank page is coming. If I am copy the Scribd Site URL and paste in to my PC browser than a proper message is coming so why this message is not coming in mobile devices so user can not get confused ?

A document is uploaded using parameters $secure = 1  our site users are not able to view such documents in mobile devices, because such documents are opening in flash reader. How our users can view secure document in HTML5 viewer?

Thanks & Regards,

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