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Josh M

Oct 31, 2021, 11:29:08 PM10/31/21
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Hey there,
I've been looking to integrate into my workflow and I'm curious if there are any integrations with assimilate software like there is with resolve, or if there are any plans in the future. 

It would be awesome if scratch could do transcodes from the data, or if live assist could upload recordings to for higher quality files in the cloud, or to bypass the need for the cube encoder or many other great things that it could do.


Mazze Aderhold

Nov 1, 2021, 5:52:00 AM11/1/21
Hey Josh,

never say never, but it's not planned for the short- or mid term I'm afraid.
However, you can always use XML scripting (given you're script-savvy enough)
to pull data off of frame.-io and ingest it into SCRATCH, or automate uploads
incl. all metadata as a "post render action" via a script.


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Virgil Kastrup

Nov 2, 2021, 5:29:28 AM11/2/21
I have been messing around with this a bit and it can be done, but there are a few limitations.
For uploading to frame io:
Things may have changed since I tried last, but uploading to frame io can be done by setting up a watchfolder.
A few gotcha's
The watchfolder has to be on a local drive, not an external drive. A limitation by frame io.
The files have to be moved to the watchfolder after they are rendered. Frame io might start uploading before render is done. This can be done with a postrender script.

Not sure what you mean by scratch doing transcodes from frame io data.

Virgil Kastrup
post production supervisor

Josh M

Nov 16, 2021, 12:54:03 PM11/16/21
to SCRATCH forum
Thanks for the replies!
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