update layer on multiple shots?

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Mark Wagner

Jan 18, 2023, 4:42:45 AMJan 18
to scratc...@googlegroups.com

how can i update/change a certain layer across multiple shots without manually copying them from shot to shot?
they all have the same name…i my case its a Vignette layer called „V“


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Peter Hacker

Jan 18, 2023, 4:46:37 AMJan 18
to scratc...@googlegroups.com
in the Paste Menu you have the option for "Named Layer", only select that one (alt + click) and paste forward... hope this works :)

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Subject [SCRATCH-LIST] update layer on multiple shots?
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Tobias Wiedmer // Cine Chromatix

Jan 18, 2023, 6:14:11 AMJan 18
to scratc...@googlegroups.com
I guess it won’t paste the shape of the canvas (ot other matte adjustments) just the grading done in the shot. would be a nice feature if it would do that too ;)

Tobias Wiedmer, CSI
Lead Colourist / Colour Scientist

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On 18. Jan 2023, at 10:46, Peter Hacker <ma...@fatrat.de> wrote:

Peter Hacker

Jan 18, 2023, 6:16:21 AMJan 18
to scratc...@googlegroups.com
ahhh yes, Tobi, didn't think that far... well i am a drag'n'drop guy anyway :D

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Date 18.01.2023 12:13:58
Subject Re: [SCRATCH-LIST] update layer on multiple shots?


Jan 18, 2023, 6:20:15 AMJan 18
to SCRATCH forum
Or if we could have "group layers" (layers for group clips) ?

Matthias Aderhold

Jan 18, 2023, 6:20:23 AMJan 18
to scratc...@googlegroups.com
Depending on what you‘re updating on that layer, there is also the batch layer update function (to be found at bottom of the layer stack). 


Mazze Aderhold
Freelance Engineer

Am 18.01.2023 um 12:16 schrieb Peter Hacker <ma...@fatrat.de>:

Mark Wagner

Jan 18, 2023, 6:23:43 AMJan 18
to scratc...@googlegroups.com
I cannot get it to work...
Tried this: selected the layer i want to copy named "V", hit copy, go to next shot where there already is a layer named "V" and hit Paste, then Alt+Named Layer and hit Paste....nothing happens :(
What am i missing?

Tobias Wiedmer // Cine Chromatix KG

Jan 18, 2023, 9:18:52 AMJan 18
to scratc...@googlegroups.com
I do it like this (if the shape of the canvas is already in the layer): 

-press copy on the source layer. 
-go to next shot on primary and press paste with named layer active. also possible as paste fwd. 
(the named layer is IMO really powerful, better as in Resolve where you have to stick to fixed node numbers to do a similar thing which is a limitation there).

if I want to update also keyer or canvas of the layer you can only completely replace the layer. 

-so use the batch function to bypass all layers with same name
-then make a version of a shot where only the new layer is present
-go to primaries and press copy
-go to next shot and paste fwd with “add layers” active. 

but you can only do that if the layer can be the last layer. which brings me to these feature request which would be nice in this regard.

1. option to completely update the matte (canvas, keyer, alpha) of a layer when paste and paste named layer 
2. paste fwd before or after a named layer
3. add ability to do all that also with plugins/shader on source shots with different resolutions of course ;)



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