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Evar Anvelt

Jan 12, 2023, 3:48:59 PMJan 12
to SCRATCH forum

a lot of times when i get footage and propose something -some first ideas, options to DOP, it's very easy to take snap shots of one scene or different regimes.

right now is there 2 options- jpeg or tiff.
but i cant really change the options of jpeg qulity and converting TIFF-s to proper small size images is kind of hassle.
jpeg-s are really great thing to send over email or DB or whatssoever. especially when DOP is in the middle of desert with minimum connection bandwdth - the smaller file is the better. work can be done.

thing is that scratch snap shot jpeg is pretty much washed out comparing real footage and i lately have given up. just taking png screen captures and send those. which are also kind of very space consuming and capture frame always goes few pixels wrong and etc.

what you think is it hard to implement some better quality options for snap shot function -which at same time are useful as well for this type of workflow or rather a huge hassle? 


Peter Hacker

Jan 13, 2023, 4:06:13 AMJan 13
In the advanced system settings there's a tab for "jpeg encoder quality", if i recall correctly this is for snapshots... if not, sorry for that :)

Just some quick thoughts on this issue:

The JPEGs imho look exactly like your GUI, is it maybe that you work on mac and and you are looking at different color managed viewers? Like GUI -> not color managed by macOS, but quicktime -> color managed?
And when you screencap on the mac to png your display profile gets assigned (p3 etc.) which is NOT readable on windows computers without proper conversion from photoshop.


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