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Aaron Bassett

Feb 13, 2012, 6:17:28 AM2/13/12
to scotland-tec...@googlegroups.com
Some information on another possible venue below from a friend of mine in Edinburgh. Wonder if we could also work a deal for reduced accommodation for attendees?



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Hi Aaron,

I had a look at that 5-star hostel on Leith Walk. It's quite fresh as
it's in a new build. The wireless is for a 300 room hostel and is not
used much by guests during the daytime as they are not then in the
building. The manager was a bit nervous though about promising that 80
people could be using the internet at the same time and get full
speed. Will people be coding locally on their machines or on a distant

It's not free. You never mentioned what kind of budget you have for
this...will the hackathon delegates be prepared to cough up a £10 -
£20 to participate? I'm also wondering if a sponsor can be found.

You always have to negotiate with venue people so it's hard to assess
the real cost until you know exactly what you want/need.

An 8 hour day costs £150, but they are willing to make deals around
that price depending on how you want to arrange the food. He'll also
want to charge something per head for broadband usage, by the hour.

There is barrista coffee available on site and full catering, and if
anyone needs a bed for the night it is quite reasonably priced. April
14th is still available for the venue room.

I'll check out a few other places for you today, but it would help a
lot if you could let me know the budget.



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Paul Dragoonis

Feb 13, 2012, 6:35:41 AM2/13/12
to scotland-tec...@googlegroups.com
Actually looks quite ideal, looking at the pictures!

Is it 150GBP for the entire room for the 8 hour day? If so that's cheap!! (clarify if i misinterpreted)

Ask what the price per head would be, for broadband, per hour then we can do the maths on what it costs for say 8 hours, with wifi and refreshments.

We don't have anywhere right now for day 2, so it's important to secure something that comes with Wifi and refreshments included as independently acquiring this is going to cost MUCH more.

Good find Aaron!

- Paul.

Paul Dragoonis

Feb 14, 2012, 8:00:01 AM2/14/12
to scotland-tec...@googlegroups.com
Hi Aaron,

I just spoke to Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel.

Their main conf room only supports 30 heads.
Their main resturaunt area is larger, but its open to the public and they said it would be "tricky" to close it off to them.

Which looks like it won't suit.

Any other suggestions?

Any open working spaces, or conference rooms that could hold us for the day.

- Paul.

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