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Celebrate launch of new journal: Degrowth

Volume 1, 3 May 2023


Two of the articles explore gender dynamics in growth and degrowth:


Why are feminist perspectives, analyses and actions vital to degrowth? By FaDA Writing Collective.


Degrowth and Masculinities: Towards a gendered understanding of degrowth subjectivities. By Dennis Eversberg & Matthias Schmelzera.




Those curious about ways in which gender is instrumentalized for growth, and vital to pathways toward degrowth, may also check out the following:


S. Paulson, E. Hirsch and J. DeVore, 2022. Caring Masculinities: Stories of Interspecies Love in the Andes and Atlantic Forest. General Anthropology. 29 (1):10-13.


S. Paulson, 2022. Gender-aware care in pandemic and postgrowth worlds, with attention to masculinities. Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology FOCAAL Blog.


S. Paulson, 2021.  Decolonizing technology and political ecology futures. Political Geography. 88 (102369).


J. DeVore, E. Hirsch and S. Paulson, 2020 Conserver la nature humaine et non humaine. Un curieux cas de conservation conviviale au Brésil. Anthropologie et Sociétés. 44 (1).


S. Paulson, 2020.   Degrowth and feminisms ally to forge care-full paths beyond pandemic. Interface, A Journal for and about Social Movements. 12 (1): 232 – 246.  


S. Paulson, G. D’Alisa, F. Demaria, G. Kallis, Feminisms & Degrowth Alliance, 2020.  From pandemic toward care-full degrowth. Interface, A Journal for and about Social Movements.


Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA), 2020. Feminist degrowth reflections on COVID-19 and the politics of social reproduction. Degrowth.info blog. 


Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA), 2020. Collaborative feminist degrowth: pandemic as an opening for a care-full radical transformation. Resilience.org.


S. Paulson and W. Boose, 2019. Masculinities and Environment. Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International Reviews.


S. Paulson, 2019. Pluriversal learning: pathways toward a world of many worlds. Nordia Geographical Publications Yearbook 2018. 47: 5, 85–109.


S. Paulson, 2017. Power and difference in conservation policy: Changing masculinities and Andean watersheds. The Brown Journal of World Affairs.





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