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Neil Hodgson

Aug 23, 2022, 11:07:18 PMAug 23
to Scintilla mailing list, scite-i...@googlegroups.com
New versions of Lexilla (5.1.9), Scintilla (5.3.0), and SciTE (5.3.0) will be released in a few days - likely 27th.

This release contains fixes and features for Lexilla, Scintilla, and SciTE.

Scintilla and SciTE get Change History to show where changes have been made in this editing session. Its a major feature so the version number goes up a little more. SciTE default is now to display margin marks for history but not in-text marks and Scintilla's default is to disable Change History.


• SciTE
• Released 27 August 2022.
• Implement find.exclude property to avoid searching in some files.

• Lexilla 5.1.9
• Julia: Parse unicode forall and exists as identifiers #42314. Pull request #98.
• Julia: Parse apostrophe as char and not adjoint after exclamation. Issue #97, Pull request #98.
• Properties: Don't set header flag for empty section. Issue #96.

• Scintilla 5.3.0
• Added change history which can display document changes (modified, saved, ...) in the margin or in the text.
• Add SC_MARK_BAR marker and INDIC_POINT_TOP indicator. SC_MARK_BAR is an outlined and filled rectangle that takes the full height of the line and 1/3 of the margin width. To give a connected appearance, it displays even on wrapped lines and draws end caps on the first and last line. INDIC_POINT_TOP is the same as INDIC_POINT but draws at the top of the line instead of the bottom. INDIC_POINT and INDIC_POINTCHARACTER were tweaked to be 1 pixel taller and 2 pixels wider in two-phase draw mode to be clearer. The translucency of INDIC_COMPOSITIONTHICK can be changed with SCI_INDICSETOUTLINEALPHA.
• Improve drawing of rounded rectangles on Direct2D.
• Line state optimized to avoid excess allocations by always allocating for every line. This makes SCI_GETMAXLINESTATE less useful although it can still distinguish cases where line state was never set for any lines. Feature #1441.
• Add SC_FOLDACTION_CONTRACT_EVERY_LEVEL option to contract every level for SCI_FOLDALL. Bug #2340.
• Enable multiline regex for gcc and clang when REGEX_MULTILINE defined. This requires gcc 11.3 or clang 14. Bug #2338.
• Stop including STYLE_CALLTIP when calculating line height. Allows a large font to be used for calltips without affecting text display. Bug #2341.
• Fix incorrect display of selection when printing in some modes. Bug #2335.
• Fix crash on Qt when showing autocompletion and the caret isn't on a screen. Move autocompletion onto screen when above it.

The committed changes can be examined either in the repositories
git clone https://github.com/ScintillaOrg/lexilla
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/code scintilla
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/scite
or from
https://www.scintilla.org/scite.zip Source
https://www.scintilla.org/wscite.zip Windows executable (64-bit)


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