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Neil Hodgson

Jul 6, 2022, 7:55:02 PMJul 6
to Scintilla mailing list, scite-i...@googlegroups.com
New versions of Lexilla (5.1.8), Scintilla (5.2.4), and SciTE (5.2.4) will be released in a few days.

This release contains fixes and features for Lexilla and Scintilla. SciTE gets a minor feature on GTK plus the changes in Lexilla and Scintilla.

The default set of languages in SciTE has changed. Users of Ada, CAML, D, and FORTRAN should copy imports.exclude from global to user properties and remove references to their desired languages.

Some documentation will be updated before release.


• SciTE
• On GTK, path bar text can be selected. Feature #1439.

• Lexilla 5.1.8
• F#: Recognize nested comments in F#. Issue #93.
• MS SQL: Recognize nested comments in Transact-SQL. Issue #87.
• MS SQL: Preference data types more consistently to not depend on how lexing is broken up into segments. This is needed because there are keywords that are both data type names and function names such as 'CHAR'. Issue #90.
• PowerShell: Fix single quoted strings to not treat backtick as escape. Pull request #92.
• Visual Prolog: Treat \r\n line ends the same as \n. This makes testing easier. Add test case. Issue #83.
• Visual Prolog: Allow disabling verbatim strings. Pull request #89.
• Visual Prolog: Support backquoted strings. Pull request #89.

• Scintilla 5.2.4
• Fix hiding selection when selection layer is SC_LAYER_UNDER_TEXT. Bug #2334.
• Fix bad background colour for additional, secondary, and inactive selections when printing. Bug #2335.
• Fix failures on GTK with non-UTF-8 text when multi-threading due to character set conversion code that was not thread-safe.
• Fix crash when printing on Win32 in bidirectional mode with a non-empty selection.

The committed changes can be examined either in the repositories
git clone https://github.com/ScintillaOrg/lexilla
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/code scintilla
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/scite
or from
https://www.scintilla.org/scite.zip Source
https://www.scintilla.org/wscite.zip Windows executable (64-bit)

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