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Neil Hodgson

Jul 19, 2021, 11:55:47 PM7/19/21
to Scintilla mailing list, scite-i...@googlegroups.com
I am planning to make a stable 5.1.1 release of Lexilla, Scintilla, and SciTE next week.

There may be another change or two added before release.

• SciTE
• Fixed bug on Windows where autocompletion list reduced to height of previous list. Bug #2265.
• Fixed bug on Windows where context menu not shown on secondary monitor located to left of main monitor. Bug #2266.
• Fixed hang on GTK when performing Find in Files while running a tool. Bug #2267.
• Lexilla 5.1.1
• On 32-bit Win32 using Visual C++ projects, stop exported functions ending with @n causing failures with GetProcAddress.
• Fixed crash when calling TagsOfStyle on C++ lexer after allocating substyles.
• Fixed folding for Julia which could be inconsistent depending on range folded. Added SCE_JULIA_KEYWORD4 and SCE_JULIA_TYPEOPERATOR lexical styles and changed keyword set 4 from "Raw string literals" to "Built in functions". Property lexer.julia.string.interpolation removed. Updated set of characters for identifiers. Pull request #13.
• Fixed Markdown emphasis spans to only be recognized when closed in same paragraph. Bug #1216.
• Fixed Markdown code block to terminate when end marker is indented. Display all of end marker in code block style. Only recognize inline code when closed in same paragraph. Bug #2247.
• Fixed Matlab to not allow escape sequences in double-quoted strings. Issue #18.
• Support flexible heredoc and nowdoc syntax for PHP. Issue #19.
• Enabled '_' digit separator in numbers for PHP. Issue #19.
• Stop styling attributes as comments for PHP. Issue #19.
• Scintilla 5.1.1
• In DBCS encodings, treat valid DBCS lead byte followed by invalid trail byte as single byte. Feature #1408.
• Searching was optimized for documents that contain mostly ASCII text and is often 2-3 times faster. Feature #1381.
• Word searching behaves more consistently at start and end of document.
• Add SCI_ALLOCATELINES to allocate indices to hold some number of lines. This can decrease reallocation overhead when the application can count or estimate the number of lines in huge files. Feature #1370.
• Add SCI_AUTOCSETOPTIONS to allow choosing a non-resizeable autocompletion list on Win32. Feature #1284.
• On Win32, when technology is changed, buffering is set to a reasonable value for the technology: on for GDI and off for Direct2D as Direct2D performs its own buffering. Feature #1400.

The committed changes can be examine either in the repositories
git clone https://github.com/ScintillaOrg/lexilla
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/code scintilla
hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/scintilla/scite
or from
https://www.scintilla.org/scite.zip Source
https://www.scintilla.org/wscite.zip Windows executable (64-bit)

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