Psychotard Double Oh McSweegan discusses Israeli bioweaponeering in the USA on his tardblog

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Feb 11, 2008, 1:19:23 AM2/11/08
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Subject: Sweeg on the Israeli bioweaponeers problem in the USA

Date: Feb 11, 2008 1:17 AM

BELOW, and to correct this batch of BS, Borreliosis *is* relapsing
Lyme is Relapsing Fever with a mycoplasma (fungus that causes lameness
and immune
suppression-related illnesses) twist:

Why in the world would anyone send an NIH psychopath to Israel to
visit with their
1) Answer: There is a US-Israeli Bioweaponeering arrangement, cleverly
here by Double Oh McSweegan. You can google it.

"The Army is contributing $4.8 million toward the research because the
thinks ticks could be used in a bioterrorist plot to spread infectious
This is a printer friendly version of an article from the Poughkeepsie

3) You can inhale leptospira which means the cyst form is viable:
See page 13.

4) UNSCOM was looking for "tick nursery equipment" in Iraq.

5) Durland Fish performing vector-pathogen competence studies on Plum
African Swine Fever Virus Infection in the Argasid Host, Ornithodoros
porcinus porcinus
S. B. Kleiboeker,1 T. G. Burrage,1 G. A. Scoles,1,2 D. ***Fish,2***
and D. L. Rock1,*
***Plum Island*** Animal Disease Center, Agricultural Research
Service, U.S. Department
of Agriculture, Greenport, New York 11944,1 and Department of
Epidemiology and Public
Health, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut

6) A vaccine for relapsing fever being this psychotard's first big


SWEEG IN ISRAEL, unfortunately surviving yet another amazing Double-Oh

February 09, 2008
Dr. Rachel Galun

Alumni Profile
Rachel Galun

Rachel Galun describes her work as "a bloody business."

For more than 50 years, Galun has been one of the world's leading
on blood-feeding insects, which are behind some of the most
devastating diseases
on the globe. This research has taken her on more than 60 different
trips to Africa,
where she has helped fight tropical illnesses caused by mosquitoes,
ticks, and tsetse

I came across this alumni notice recently and thought I would post
something about
Rachel Galun. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Galun--absent her
leeches, maggots
and ticks--at Hebrew University during a visit under the auspices of
one of the Egypt-Israel
cooperative science agreements that emerged from the Camp David
accords. Unfortunately
my visit occurred during the first Intifada. ***I was traveling on an
"Israel Only"
passport with orders from the State Department to not enter the West
Bank.*** She
took me on a quick tour of the area and I immediately found myself
being driven
through the West Bank. I suppose this is how diplomats and tourists
get killed:
being in the wrong place at the wrong time after being told not to be
there in the
first place. But I survived, and later managed to make it through the
shops of the Muslim Quarter, the Negev, Ben-Gurion University, and a

Dr. Galun was probably the first person ever to suggest trying to make
a single
vaccine against the tick instead of making numerous vaccines against
the myriad
pathogens the tick transmitted to people and livestock. It was an
insightful notion,
which eventually lead to the first commercial anti-tick vaccine for
cattle. Similar
research now is aimed at human anti-tick vaccines against borreliosis
and relapsing

Posted by HadLyme at 09:40


Kathleen M. Dickson said...

Is this supposed to be some sort of apology or atonement for the
explosion of
tick borne disease due to your own incompetence and outright lies over
a "vaccine"
for relapsing fever, while also being a dedicated hysteric, blasting
people who
expose your criminal pals and incompetence?

The whole world knows what you did, bud.

Kathleen M. Dickson
February 10, 2008 11:43 AM

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