[ANN] scikit-rf version 0.27.1

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Julien Hillairet

May 15, 2023, 6:18:36 AMMay 15
to scik...@googlegroups.com

Dear scikit-rf,

The version 0.27.1 of scikit-rf has been released. This version includes an important change in the Media object, some new features as well as many improvements and bug fixes. You will find more information below.

Thanks to all contributors!


What's Changed

Important Changes in Media

  • Refactor media to simplify line creation by @mhuser in #727

The Media class has been refactored to simplify the API and avoid confusions related to the impedances. The z0 property now returns by default the Characteristic Impedance of the media (also available from z0_characteristic) if the property z0_override is defined, z0 returns z0_override instead of the Characteristic Impedance.

The embed argument and the parameters Z0 (capital) have been deprecated. If the property z0_port is defined, all lines will be renormalized from z0 to z0_port, like in a measurement with z0_port. Please refer to the Media tutorial more additional information and a clear explanation of the different between port and characteristic impedances.

New Features

New properties have been added to a Network: maximum stable gain (max_stable_gain), Maximum available power gain (max_gain) and Mason's unilateral gain (unilateral_gain)


Bug Fixes

  • Make Network.copy also copy params dict by @cafeclimber in #887
  • Fix incorrect z0 handling in SeriesImpedance and ShuntAdmittance by @Ttl in #885
  • Handle non-zero length thru in TRL by @Ttl in #896
  • Resolve singularities for matched thru and line in determine_reflect by @eendebakpt in #870
  • Timescale by @FranzForstmayr in #900
  • Allow NISTMultilineTRL to work with non-exact floats by @eendebakpt in #895
  • Handle division by zero in stability by @Ttl in #910

Code Quality/CI


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