Thoughts of De-Embedding Technique inside, IEEE P370?

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Denz Choe

Sep 13, 2021, 3:41:21 AMSep 13
to scikit-rf
Hi all,

I have been observing this standard for quite some time from its early days. 

And only recently that it has been released as a Standard ( Published Date:2021-01-08  )

There is an IEEE Committee of SI Engineers working in parallel like you guys over here to push their own version of the characterization & de-embedding Class for SI Community to implement using MATLAB. 

For those who doesn't own MATLAB, you can excess the .exe program over here (although it may not be the latest version):


Fortunately the codes are open sourced and constantly updated.

Looking that now we have a De-Embedding Class inside scikit-rf (thanks to Vikram); perhaps we can now consider adding the IEEE P370 de-embedding method into scikit-rf?
I have not tested it extensively enough yet (so far so good on just 2 samples until 70 GHz, no real world measurement yet) but looking at how some of the big Connectors company are already member of this group, is hard to ignore its relevance.

We should also probably invite the Gitlab Code Owners over here to have a look at scikit-rf. I have had the opportunity to bump into Jason Ellison at Y2019 in a conference and spoke to him a little bit of scikit-rf, as a conference attendee after his presentation then. But.. I doubt my words carried any weight. However, some of you fellas here definitely have the Credentials to do so. 


Vikram Sekar

Sep 14, 2021, 9:58:56 PMSep 14
Hi Denz,

Thanks for the detailed information! It certainly looks interesting, and relevant to RF engineering in regards to Signal Integrity. I am not entirely familiar with the ins and outs of signal integrity and interconnect characterization. But from my cursory look, it does look like it will fit into scikit-rf (I'll also let the other members chime in here).

The current de-embedding class is more geared towards RFIC on-wafer applications, and there are certainly more applications for de-embedding out there.

If you are familiar with the github workflow and are able to contribute to the project, it will certainly be welcome. Please reach out to the scikit-rf developers/community if you need any guidance with contributing.


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Julien Hillairet

Sep 15, 2021, 2:35:08 AMSep 15
Hi Denz,

I think it is a good idea and direction. Could you fill up an issue?


Denz Choe

Sep 15, 2021, 3:34:05 AMSep 15
to scikit-rf
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments. Still waiting for the other members to chime in too. Meanwhile;
Julien, sure thing. But what will the Issue title be in Github?
'Implementation of IEEE P370 De-embedding Method into De-embedding Class in Scikit-RF?'

Julien Hillairet

Sep 15, 2021, 8:08:07 AMSep 15
yes, good title.

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