[ANN] scikit-rf 0.17.0 released

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Julien Hillairet

Mar 29, 2021, 3:48:14 PMMar 29
to scik...@googlegroups.com
Dear scikit-rf users,

Version 0.17.0 of scikit-rf has been released and is now available pip and (soon) on conda-forge.

Important: Drop of Python 2.7 and 3.5 Support

The support of Python 2.7 and 3.5 has been dropped with this version (PR #436 from @JAnderson419).

New Features


Creating the rf.subnetwork() function and Network.subnetwork() method for creating sub-Network for a given list of port indices. (PR #423 from @jhillairet)

As an illustration below, three 2-ports subnetwork are extracted from a reference 3-ports Network. These 3 subnetworks are recombined into a 3-ports Network.

import skrf as rf

# 3 port Network
tee = rf.data.tee
# 2 port Networks as if one measures the tee with a 2 ports VNA
tee12 = rf.subnetwork(tee, [0, 1])  # 2 port Network from ports 1 & 2, port 3 matched
tee23 = rf.subnetwork(tee, [1, 2])  # 2 port Network from ports 2 & 3, port 1 matched
tee13 = rf.subnetwork(tee, [0, 2])  # 2 port Network from ports 1 & 3, port 2 matched

# recreate the original 3 ports Network from the thee 2-port sub-Networks
ntw_list = [tee12, tee23, tee13]
tee2 = rf.n_twoports_2_nport(ntw_list, nports=3)
print(tee2 == tee) # --> True

Circular waveguide media (media.CircularWaveguide)

  • Added circular waveguide (single mode homogeneous filled) Media from @scimax (PR #376). Also made some corrections to some rectangular waveguide formulae (cut-off)
    # In the following example an ideal waveguide of 2.39 mm diameter is 
    # constructed for the high W band, operated in the fundamental TE11 mode.
    # If no conductivity is provided the walls are treated as perfect 
    # electric conductors.
    freq = rf.Frequency(88,110,101,'ghz')
    rf.CircularWaveguide(freq, r=0.5 * 2.39e-3)

Improvements of existing features

  • Network() can now supports StringIO for a filename from @arsenovic (PR #433)

  • write port names to Touchstone files (as a comment) from @luar123 (PR #428

  • Improve Error handling for step/impulse responses from @FranzForstmayr (PR #435, fixes #434). Now throws a:

    • ValueError if one wants to calculate step or impulse response with a Network with more than one port
    • NotImplementedError if one wants to calculate step or impulse response If used with non-equidistant sampled frequency vector


  • Fixing documentation notebooks from @jhillairet (PR #425)

  • Notebook tests are included using nbsmoke (but do not count for coverage) from @ema00 (PR#424, fixes partly #114)

  • Documentation improvements from @arsenovic (PR #433)

Fixed Bug

  • Use relative paths for import from @luar123 (PR #438)

  • Fix rf.io.Touchstone.get_comment_variables() which was cropping decimals from @JAnderson419 (PR #427, fixes #426 )

  • Matplotlib backend reconfiguration from @Vinc0110 (PR #420, fixes #419):

    • Disabling the matplotlib backend reconfiguration in plotting.py (Edit: keeping it for Python2)
    • Disabling invalid parameter interactive from matplotlib stylesheets, which were causing warnings in skrf.stylely()

Best regards,

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