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Julien Hillairet

Jun 29, 2021, 11:37:31 AMJun 29

Dear scikit-rf users,

An important number of the scikit-rf users present their works during conferences or in papers published in journals. It has already been asked "how to cite scikit-rf?" (#73) and this question is also answered in the wiki.

A previous attempt has been made a few years ago to publish a paper presenting scikit-rf, but was finally not done. It is maybe time to retry now, to: i) make a reference paper about scikit-rf (*), ii) ease future citations, and iii) inform and spread the toolkit to more users and community.

Few options were considered concerning the target journal. The Journal of Open Source (JOSS) was a logical choice, however, the RF community will not be directly reached. Instead, we proposed to target a IEEE journal, for example IEEE Journal of Microwaves which is a fully open access publication covering the complete scope of the Microwave Theory and Techniques. Of course, this choice can be discussed...

A draft paper is currently under preparation (using Overleaf). If you have contributed to scikit-rf and/or if you want to help us to read/review/improve the paper and having your name and affiliation mentioned in the list of the authors, please let us know on this GitHub issue or in Slack.

Best regards,


*: like Numpy papers, scikit-learn, scipy, etc

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