[ANN] scikit-rf version 0.24.1

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Julien Hillairet

Nov 20, 2022, 4:39:41 AM11/20/22
to scik...@googlegroups.com
Dear scikit-rf users,

The release 0.24.1 of scikit-rf is  contains new features for time gating, make qtapps runable again and fixes related to matplotlib dependency.

In addition, please note that new warnings related to the default frequency and time unit are now generated if the frequency or time units are not *explicitly* passed. Indeed, SI units will be used by default for frequency (Hz) and time (s) in future versions of scikit-rf, instead of GHz and ns as presently. It is thus recommended to explicitly pass the units in order to avoid surprises in future versions...

New Features

  • time.time_gate() has a new parameter method added, to choose how to perform gating either by convolution, by FFT (band-pass mode), or by RFFT (low-pass mode). Defaults is FFT. Also, another parameter fft_window is added, which enables frequency-domain windowing in case of FFT and RFFT mode. The default is a Hann window, but windowing can be disabled by setting fft_window=None. by @Vinc0110 in #770
  • qtapps are now runable again by @FranzForstmayr in #790

Changes of behaviour



Continuous Integration

  • Update the checkout and setup-python GA versions by @jhillairet in #793
  • update to pytest-cov ~=4.0 and drop the deprecation warning ignore by @altendky in #784

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.24.0...v0.24.1


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