[ANN] scikit-rf 0.18 released

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Julien Hillairet

May 26, 2021, 10:26:07 AMMay 26
to scik...@googlegroups.com
Dear scikit-rf users,

The version 0.18 of scikit-rf has been released and is available on Pypi and conda.

This new version of scikit-rf includes multiple bug fix and changes under-the-hood, that should not affect users except for users of the connect() method with N-port Network. Please read the version comments below for more information.


The automated port renumbering in connect() was quite unintuitive since 2020 and has been corrected in #448 by @hohe.

To make things as clear as possible, special tutorial dedicated to Network connections has been added to the documentation (@jhillairet).

Vector Fitting

  • #469 & #473 @Vinc0110 fixes two bugs in the vector fitting algorithm and adds some documentation and tests.
  • @FranzForstmayr removed the mandatory matplotlib dependency in Vector Fitting in #444
  • following a suggestion in the mailing-list @Vinc0110, added optional Axes parameters to the plotting functions in vectorFitting.py to control the output with matplotlib in #450.

Type Hints

  • @FranzForstmayr in #451 updated a lot of the function & method definitions to add type hints to improve the quality of the autosuggestions in IDEs. (and improved the codebase)


  • @NikoDaGreat Fixed math typesetting in network.chopinhalf in #465
  • @NikoDaGreat fixed some typos in #446
  • @jhillairet correct documentation figures in #452 and #453
  • @jhillairet refreshed the main Github welcome page in #445. In addition, please note that a suggestion box has been added: please send us your suggestions/wishes/comments!

Improvements and bug fix

  • #442 : @wbarnha added an option for renaming files in the Qt NetworkList widget
  • #447 : improve Binder graphical compatibility by @jhillairet
  • #445 @FranzForstmayr improved the Z0 setter/getter and also add new tests detailed the various cases
  • #457 @FranzForstmayr (contributor of the month!) fixed reading HFSS files from StringIO.
  • #458 + #459 @jhillairet fix NetworkSet zip file reading bug introduced by StringIO compatibility + add NetworkSet tests and fix continuous integration of the notebooks
  • #460 @Vinc0110 fixes the generated API docs of the VectorFitting class, which were missing the plotting functions.
  • #461 @FranzForstmayr update and tests to mathFunctions.py
  • #472 @luar123 fixes a bug in write_touchstone when the port names are written: The first port should be Port[1] instead of Port[0].

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