[ANN] scikit-rf v0.23.1 released

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Julien Hillairet

Jul 16, 2022, 1:24:00 PM7/16/22
to scik...@googlegroups.com
Dear scikit-rf users,

The version v0.23.1of scikit-rf has been released on PyPi and Conda Forge.

This minor release of scikit-rf contains an important bug fix to the Touchstone's file writing function.

In addition, this release includes some simplifications of the handling of the characteristic impedance and inconsistent behaviour when passing a network name as kwarg. See below for the complete list of changes.`

Bug Fixes

  • write_touchstone: don't write z_ref in complex format if it's real, fix #724 by @biergaizi in #725
  • fix an AttributeError raised by Network.renormalize by @mhuser in #723
  • Fix IEEEP370 deembedding methods for dataset with existing DC point or interpolation required by @mhuser in #728

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.23.0...v0.23.1

Best regards,

Julien Hillairet on behalf of the scikit-rf developers.

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