Perfectly Defining Line Length (Confusing)!! [Multiline TRL]

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Md. Imtiaz Kamrul

Jun 13, 2022, 9:56:27 PM6/13/22
to scikit-rf
In the NIST Multiline TRL, we need to define the line length of thru, line 1& line2.

My Thru Length: 10mm
Line1: 13.98mm
Line2: 10.92mm

So, I define the code like this:

# define the line lengths in meters (including thru)

l = [0.01, 0.01398, 0.01092]

But I'm confused; is this one correctly defined? Because in the example of scikit-rf, it is defined like that,

# define the line lengths in meters (including thru) 

l = [0, 0.3e-3, 2.3e-3]

Please someone help me to figure it out.

Another question is whether we can define the length of DUT/Reflect in the code! Is there a way / Is it required?

Thank you in advance.

Denz Choe

Jun 13, 2022, 10:12:20 PM6/13/22
to scikit-rf
Hi Mr Kamrul,

According to the documentation here:

You can define refl_offset as per whether your reflect standards are not at 0mm at Reference Plane
You can also define ref_plane whether you want to shift your reference plane after cal for your DUT.

If your thru length line midpoint is your reference plane of your DUT, then your thru length is 0 mm.
That means, your Line1 should be readjusted as 3.98 mm and line 2 is 0.92 mm. 
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