[ANN] scikit-rf v0.23.0 released

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Julien Hillairet

Jun 19, 2022, 4:18:59 PM6/19/22
to scik...@googlegroups.com
Dear scikit-rf users,

Version 0.23 of scikit-rf has been released and includes a lot of improvements (non exhaustive list!):

  • Easier initializing of Network with different parameters
  • More accurate Coaxial resistance model
  • Improved numerical accuracy of network parameters transformations (s2z, z2s, s2y and y2s)
  • Improved consistency of Network handling with different scattering parameter definitions (power waves, pseudo-waves or travelling waves)
  • Refactored CPW and MLine Medias with results similar to Qucs or ADS
  • Fixed NanoVNA backend configuration for PyVISA-py and compatibility with python 3.10
  • Add NetworkSet.write_mdif() method to export NetworkSet to a generalized MDI
  • LRRM support for unsymmetrical Thru and non-iterative lc fit
  • IEEE P370 de-embedding standard improvements and additional documentation
  • Add forced_z11x to IEEEP370_SE_NZC_2xThru
  • Vector Fitting Improvements

and also many bug fixes.

The development activity of scikit-rf continues to grow! The scikit-rf development team has been consolidated with additional collaborators: @Ttl , @mhuser, @FranzForstmayr and @Vinc0110. Welcome and thank you!

You will find the complete changelog here:

Best regards,

Julien Hillairet
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