Scikit-build 0.12.0

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Henry Schreiner

Aug 10, 2021, 11:28:22 PM8/10/21
to scikit-build
On behalf of the scikit-build team, I am pleased to announce that the version 0.12.0 is available for download:

  pip install --upgrade scikit-build

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time to test, write issue reports and contribute patches!

Scikit-build 0.12.0

The scikit-build GitHub organization welcomes @henryiii and @mayeut as core contributors and maintainers. Both are also maintainers of cibuildwheel.

@henryiii is a pybind11 and pypa/build maintainer, has been instrumental in adding Apple Silicon support, adding support for Visual Studio 2019, updating the Continuous Integration infrastructure, as well as helping review & integrate contributions, and addressing miscellaneous issues. Additionally, @henryiii has worked on an example project to build with pybind11 and scikit-build.

@mayeut is a manylinux maintainer and focused his effort on updating the cmake-python-distributions and ninja-python-distributions so that the corresponding wheels are available on all supported platforms including Apple Silicon and all flavors of manylinux.

New Features
  • Support Apple Silicon, including producing Universal2 wheels (#530) and respecting standard setuptools cross-compile variables (#555). Thanks to @YannickJadoul for the contributions.
  • Support MSVC 2019 without having to run it with the MSVC activation variables, just like 2017 and earlier versions. Thanks to @YannickJadoul for the contribution in #526.
Bug fixes
  • Support -A and -T internally when setting up MSVC generators. Architecture now always passed through -A to MSVC generators. Thanks @YannickJadoul for the contribution. See#557 and #536.
  • Fixed a regression that caused setuptools to complain about unknown setup option (cmake_process_manifest_hook). Thanks @Jmennius for the contribution. See #498.
  • If it applies, ensure generator toolset is used to configure the project. Thanks @YannickJadoulfor the contributions. See #526.
  • Read CYTHON_FLAGS where needed, instead of once, allowing the user to define multiple modules with different flags. Thanks @oiffrig for the contributions in #536.
  • Avoid an IndexError if prefix was empty. Thanks @dfaure for the contributions in #522.
  • Improve and simplify Continuous Integration infrastructure.
    • Support nox for running the tests locally. See #540.
    • Use GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration and remove use of scikit-ci, tox, TravisCI, AppVeyor and CircleCI. See #549#551 and #552.
    • Add support for testing against Python 3.10. See #565.
    • Style checking handled by pre-commit. See #541.
    • Check for misspellings adding GitHub Actions workflow using codespell. See #541.
  • Fix linting error F522 reported with flake8 >= 3.8.x. Thanks @benbovy for the contributions. See #494.
  • Fix regex in tests to support Python 3.10. Thanks @mgorny for the contributions in #544.
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