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Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin

Oct 31, 2016, 6:12:32 PM10/31/16
Hi Folks,

On behalf of the scikit-build team, I am pleased to announce that the version 0.3.0 is available for download:

  pip install scikit-build

I would also like to thanks everyone who contributed.

Scikit-build 0.4.0 Release Notes

Updates since 0.3.0

* Do not package python modules under "purelib" dir in non-pure wheel

* Add support for ``--hide-listing`` option
 * allow to build distributions without displaying files being included
 * useful when building large project on Continuous Integration service limiting
 the amount of log produced by the build.

### CMake modules

* `skbuild/resources/cmake/FindPythonExtensions.cmake`
 * Function `python_extension_module`: add support for [module suffix](

* `skbuild/resources/cmake/targetLinkLibrariesWithDynamicLookup.cmake`:
 * Fix the logic checking for cross-compilation (the regression
 was introduced by scikit-build/scikit-build#51 and scikit-build/scikit-build#47
 * It configure the text project setting [CMAKE_ENABLE_EXPORTS]( to ON. Doing
 so ensure the executable compiled in the test exports symbols (if supported
 by the underlying platform).

### Docs

* Add [short note]( explaining how to include scikit-build CMake module
* Move "Controlling CMake using scikit-build" into a "hacking" section
* Add initial version of ["extension_build_system" documentation](

### Tests

* tests/samples: Simplify project removing unneeded install rules and file copy

* Simplify continuous integration
 * use [scikit-ci]( and
 * speed up build setting up caching

* Makefile:
 * Fix `coverage` target
 * Add `docs-only` target allowing to regenerator the Sphinx documentation without opening a new page
 in the browser.


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