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Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin

Apr 30, 2020, 1:06:32 AM4/30/20
to scikit-build
On behalf of the scikit-build team, I am pleased to announce that the version 0.11.0 is available for download:

  pip install --upgrade scikit-build

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time to test, write issue reports and contribute patches ! 

Scikit-build 0.11.0

New Features

  • Add a hook to process the cmake install manifest building the wheel. The hook function can be specified as an argument to the setup() function. This can be used e.g. to prevent installing cmake configuration files, headers, or static libraries with the wheel. Thanks @SylvainCorlay for the contribution. See #473.

  • Add support for passing CMake configure options like -DFOO:STRING:bar as global setuptools or pip options.

  • Add support for building project using PyPy or PyPy3. See See #407.

  • Add support for OS/400 (now known as IBM i). Thanks @jwoehr for the contribution. See #444.

  • Display CMake command used to configure the project. Thanks @native-api for the contribution. See #443.

  • CMake modules:

    • Improve CMake module F2PY adding add_f2py_target() CMake function allowing to generate *-f2pywrappers.f and *module.c files from *.pyf files. Thanks @xoviat for the contribution.

    • Update CMake module PythonExtensions adding add_python_library() and add_python_extension(). Thanks @xoviat for the contribution.

Bug fixes

  • Fix python 2.7 installation ensuring setuptools < 45 is required. See #478.

  • Fix unclosed file resource in skbuild.cmaker.CMaker.check_for_bad_installs(). Thanks @Nic30 for the suggestion. See #429.

  • Update CMake module PythonExtensions:

    • Ensure correct suffix is used for compiled python module on windows. See #383.

    • Fix warning using EXT_SUFFIX config variable instead of deprecated SO variable. See #381.

  • Honor the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable if it is defined on macOS. Thanks @certik for the contribution. See #441.

  • Fix CMake module F2PY to ensure the f2py executable specific to the python version being used is found. See #449. Thanks @bnavigator for the contribution.

  • Replace platform.linux_distribution() which was removed in Python 3.8 by a call to This adds the distro package as dependency. See #458. Thanks @bnavigator for the contribution.


  • Add Notes section to the For maintainers top-level category that includes a comparison between sysconfig and distutils.sysconfig modules.

  • Remove obsolete comment in See #439. Thanks @isuruf


  • Update initialize_git_repo_and_commit() to prevent signing message on system with commit signing enabled globally.

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