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Eugen Leitl

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hello :)

A method to extract the full JoVE video files, using Firefox, is described

Extraction of full JoVE video files

1. In Firefox, open a new tab (my FF version is 23.0.1)

2. Press Ctr+Shift+K to open the Web console window (Or go from Firefox>Web
developer>Web console)

3. On the web console, the following buttons must be pressed (if they are
not, press them): "Net" and "Logging"

4. Paste the url of the webpage you're interested in and start playing the
short video segment.

From the lines that have appeared on the web console, we want the video
file links, which most probably include a .mov or .mp4 extension.

5. Once the short video segment has ended, filter the lines using the"filter output"box of the web console (next to the "clear" button) and search for
.mov or .mp4.

The lines with the link start as
GET "http://ecsource.jove.com/CDNSource/.. "

6. Right click the appropriate line, select "copy link location" and either
paste in a new tab, or download with your favorite download manager.

that's it :)


Of course it is possible that an even easier method exists.
I hope the explanation is clear. Let me know if I can clarify anything.

For those that are interested in the video files from the links that Patrik
posted, the links are:


have a nice evening :)

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